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Belief in Angels - Ten New Chapters are Now Available for Watching!

'Since belief in angels is an indispensable rule of Islamic belief, it is of course very important and precious.'
'The existence of the angels is as definite as the existence of human beings and animals.'
'Allah Almighty who enlivened the world with living creatures in such a way should definitely have enlivened the skies with angels.'

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You're just seeing a pen and a white paper. You're not seeing something else or anyone. You're not seeing anyone who is that powerful, intelligent and Creator. My materialist friend! Did you realize something? You're just believing an invisible thing. You're not seeing any special artist but you're sure about the existence of an artist.


05-10-2016 05:59:55

The News of Ghayb From The Qur’an is now available in HD format!

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We have just finished uploading all chapters of the work titled The News of Ghayb From The Qur’an. Enjoy the whole collection!





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As Eid Al Adha Approaches…

What are the frequent questions related to sacrificing an animal and their answers? What does qurban (sacrifice) mean? What is the religious base of qurban? What is the religious decree about sacrificing an animal? Why is an animal sacrificed?



09-09-2016 10:06:29

Magnificent Opportunity: the First Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah; Layal Ashara

“There are no better days to worship Allah than the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah. One day of fasting performed on those days is equal to the fasting of one year; the prayers performed on each night are equal to the Night of Power.” (Tirmidhi: Sawm, 52; Ibn Majah: Siyam, 39)

Dhul Hijjah is the month of general amnesty and forgiveness

05-09-2016 05:46:55

After the Three Months and the Fast of Shawwal

“Whoever fasts six days in Shawwal after Ramadan that s/he has passed fasting, is like having passed the whole year by fasting.” (Riyad as-Salihin, Vol.2,P.510,2.)

08-07-2016 09:11:03

The work titled 'HELL' is now available in HD format!

We have just finished uploading all chapters of the work titled 'HELL'. O Lord! We take refuge in your pardoning from your torture, in your consent from your wrath and in You from. Save us from the torture of Hell.





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