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A Comprehensive Comparison of Belief & Denial

The world is viewed through two glasses. One is the glasses of belief and the other is the glasses of denial.

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17-03-2014 12:07:16

What is Death?

Death is a discharge from the duties of life; it is a rest, a change of residence, a change of existence; it is an invitation to an eternal life, a beginning, the introduction to an immortal life.” (Risale-i Nur Collection; the Letters, First Letter)


13-01-2014 07:18:44

What should our understanding of New Year’s Day be? What should we do to question ourselves before we die?

Some people turn the New Year into the unreasonable philosophy of “just have fun and think of nothing else” screaming in joy and drinking alcoholic beverages as if they did not lose one year from their lifespan but rather added one year to it.

Maybe they are resorting to that cancellation of consciousness and reasoning in order not to ponder over one year that they have lost.

27-12-2013 08:58:22

As Eid Al Adha Approaches…

What are the frequent questions related to sacrificing an animal and their answers? What does qurban (sacrifice) mean? What is the religious base of qurban? What is the religious decree about sacrificing an animal? Why is an animal sacrificed?



27-09-2013 10:06:29

A Muslim cannot be a terrorist; a terrorist cannot be a real Muslim

Islam is a religion of tolerance; it regards Islam as the most valuable being; it regards transgressions and attacks against innocent people as major sins.  As a matter of fact, the Quranic verse that we have mentioned declares it loudly:


12-09-2013 07:07:56

Farewell Ramadan, Welcome Eid (Festival)


Eid is a day of joy and cheer. It is one of the nice days that lofty feelings overflow; the feelings of love and respect revive among believers. Solidarity and fusion reach the limits that day.

06-08-2013 08:38:38

Laylatul Qadr (Night of Power)

We reach the most luminous and fruitful night on the Night of Power. Ramadan is the only month and the Night of Power is the only night mentioned in the Quran. The Lord of the Universe informed His beloved Prophet about the honor and value of those fruitful hours.

31-07-2013 09:10:04

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