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Did the Prophet damn Hz. Abu Bakr and Hz. Umar?

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A Brief Description of the Question: 
"May Allah damn a person who abandons Usama’s army!" - How sound is this hadith and what is its resource? - Does it include Abu Bakr and Umar, who had to abandon the army?
The Answer: 

The narration about “damning” mentioned above was put forward by the Shiite.

According to Ahl as-Sunnah scholars, there is no single sound narration regarding the issue.

The Prophet’s (pbuh) damning about something like that is not in accordance with the nature of this issue. It should not be thought that the Prophet (pbuh), who did not damn the polytheists and munafiqs, should damn those who left Usama’s army.

Besides, all of the people who were in this army were the Companions who were sincere believers. Islamic scholars hold the view that this story was made up by the Shiite in order to declare that Hz. Abu Bakr and Hz. Umar were unbelievers.

Some Shiites give Ibn Sad’s Tabaqat and Ibn Hisham’s Sirah as reference on the internet. Although we searched for it a lot, we could not find the issue of “damning” in the places where Usama’s army is mentioned in those resources.

Besides, if the Prophet had made such a warning, Hz. Abu Bakr and Hz. Umar, who acted the most sincerely toward Allah and His Messenger and showed them the most respect, would have taken this warning into consideration more than anybody else, as the ummah of Islam would agree unanimously –except some groups.

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