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How does Satan pervert people though he knows that his torture will increase?

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A Brief Description of the Question: 
According to the hadith "the one who causes something is like the one who does it", when a person commits a sin by following the delusions of Satan, the same sin is also recorded in the book of Satan; thus, Satan's torture increases. Why should a being that knows the severity of Allah's torture allow his torture to be increased more and more? Is there not a contradiction in it?
The Answer: 

“Satan lost the test eternally because of five reasons:

1. For not accepting his sin,

2. For not regretting,

3. For not condemning his nafs (self) which led him to rebellion,

4. For not repenting,

5. For giving up hope of Divine Mercy.” (Ibn Hajar, Munabbihat, 73.)

Some people know Allah's torture but they commit sins and continue committing sins throughout their lives. From this viewpoint, knowing that something is bad and harmful does not mean that it will definitely be abandoned.

However, some people, especially believers, understand their mistakes and repent. Nevertheless, Satan did not do so due to his conceitedness. Hence, a believer should always admit his sins, regret his mistakes; criticize his nafs (evil commanding soul) and condemn it; often repent and should not give up hope of Divine Mercy.

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