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Is it permissible to marry for a temporary time period without paying any money? It does not fit the definition of "muta marriage", which is forbidden.

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A Brief Description of the Question: 
The marriage contract signed for a certain period of time and in return for money is called muta marriage; and it is forbidden. Is it permissible to make a marriage contract for a certain time without paying any money or any material things? For, it does not fit the definition of muta marriage. Is such a marriage permissible?.. Marriage for a certain time but without paying any money.
The Answer: 

There is also “muwaqqat (temporary) marriage” in the sense of muta marriage. It is also an invalid marriage. The difference between them is almost no more than using different words. For instance, in temporary marriage, the words nikah and tazwij, which express marriage, are used along with the time period; in muta marriage, the word tamattu or istimta, which expresses "making use of the woman sexually" is used. On the other hand, in muta marriage, witnesses and limitation of time are not necessary. In temporary marriage, they are necessary. (Ibn Abidin, Raddul-Muhtar, Istanbul 1984, III, 51, ff)

As it is understood from the decree above, temporary marriage that is made without paying any money is not permissible.

10-11-2017 12:26:57